Professor Wes Harry

Visiting Professor University of Chester

Advisory Board, UAE and China Developments, Dubai

Wes is a leading international business person and academic. He  has lived and worked outside his native country of Scotland for more tahn 40 years. Wes has lived in many parts of Asia and the Arab region, conducted business in more than 50 countries with personal travel to another 60+ countries. Most of his travel has been in Asia and Arab countries but he is also well versed in parts of South America, Africa and Europe.this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Life Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Life Member Asian Region Training and Development Organisation

Member the Alpine Club

B.Sc. (Soc) University of London

MA Manpower Studies Polytechnic of Central London

Ph.D. International Human Resource Management, Graduate Business School, University of Strathclyde

Fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Qualified psychometric assessor UK level A&B

Refereed journals (*double blind reviewed)

 * Ehnert I & Harry W E eds (2012) Managing Sustainably: the HRM contribution. Special Edition of Management Revue vol. 23, no. 3 Fall

Harry W E & Nakajima C eds (2012) CSR and Business Ethics. International Studies of Management and Organization vol. 42, no. 3, Fall

Harry W E (2010) ‘The dark side of Managing People in Developing Asia’ Asia Pacific Business Review Special Edition on China

 Harry W E, Zhang J, Poon I and Banai M (2009) ‘How China is meeting the challenge of global financial turmoil’ Effective Executive Vol XII No 12 72-84 December 

Harry W E & Rowley C (2009) ‘Managing Different Cultures: Varied Expectations and Implications for Management’ Cámara de Comercio Argentino-Británica March

Harry W E & Rowley C (2008) ‘Different Cultures, Different Expectations’ Effective Executive Vol XI 8 50-55 August 

Harry W E & Jackson K (2007) ‘The Globalisation Wave and the Undertow’ Management Revue special edition on Asia Pacific Management Review Vol 18, 4 

Harry W E & Nakajima C (2007) ‘Foreigners’ ethnocentric policies in the Asia Pacific region’ Management Revue special edition on Asia Pacific Management Review 18, 4 

*Harry W E (2007) ‘Employment Creation and Localisation- the Crucial Human Resources Issues for the GCC’ International Journal of Human Resource Management Vol 18 4 132-146  

*Harry W E (2006) ‘History and HRM in Central Asia’ Thunderbird International Business Review Vol 48 (1) 39-53 January- February  
Banai M & Harry W E (2005) ‘Transnationals Managers a different expatriate experience’ International Studies of Management and Organization Vol 34 (3) 96-120  



Practitioner journals

Harry W E (2008) ‘Human Rights and Human Resource Management’. World Link October

Harry W E (2007) ‘Human Resource Management in Asia: East is East’ People Management 29 November

Harry W E (2003) ‘Localisation’ Human Assets April

Harry W E (2001) ‘Money and Motivation in GCC’ CIPD Compensation Forum Journal August

Harry W E (2001) ‘Trends and tensions in Middle East Employment’ World Link April



Academic Books (*double blind reviewed chapters)

* Harry W E et al (2017) ‘Japan, Korea and Taiwan’ updated in International  HRM- see below

Harry W E (2016) ‘Factors Impacting HRM in Middle East’ in HRM in Middle East eds Budhwar and  Mellahi

*Ehnert I, Harry W & Fink K eds (2013) ‘Managing HRM Sustainably’ Frankfurt: Springer

*Harry W E et al (2012) Japan, Korea and Taiwan in ‘International HRM’ overall editors Brewster and Mayrhofen. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

Harry W E (2011) a number of entries in HRM chapter within the Wiki publication ‘Management through Cooperation’ edited by Wankel C and Hayton J

Rowley C & Jackson K editors (2010) ‘Key Concepts in HRM’ contributed chapter on Employee Resourcing plus contributed to other chapters. London: Routledge

Rowley C  & Harry W E  (2010) ‘Managing People Globally: An Asian Perspective’ Oxford: Chandos Publishing

Brewster C & Sparrow P editors (2008) ‘International HRM: contemporary issues in Europe’ with John Hailey contributed chapter on ‘Localisation’ London: Routledge

Harry W E (2008) ‘Migrant Workers in the GCC’ chapter in Human Rights in the 21st Century New York: Nova

Harry W E & Nakajima C (2008) ‘Human Rights in Asia’ chapter in Human Rights in the 21st Century New York: Nova

Morley M editor (2006) With Moshe Banai contributed chapter on ‘International Itinerants’ in ‘International Management’ pages 153-180 Basingstoke: Palgrave

Scullion H and Collings D (2006) with David Collings contributed chapter on ‘Localisation’ in ‘Global Staffing’ part of a series of books with Randall Schuler and Paul Sparrow as editors in chief 139-156 London: Routledge

Tayeb M (2003) ‘International Management’ edited by Monir Tayeb contributed two chapters pages 282-306 and pages 307- 316. London: Pearson


Academic conferences

Ehnert I, Harry W E and Zink K (2013) ‘ Workshop on Sustainability and HRM’ University of Louvain. Belgium September

Harry W E (2013) ‘Human Elements of Economic Crime’ Cambridge Programme on Economic Crime. Jesus College. September

Harry W E (2011) ‘HRM in the Middle East’ European Human Resource Forum Brussels June

Harry W E (2010) ‘HRM in the Gulf Cooperation Council’ Academy of Management Montreal August

Harry W E (2009) ‘Managing ethically’ chair of caucus Academy of Management Chicago August

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