Tweets versus WeChat: Silk Road Reflections on the US-China Trade War

Professor Henry Sun, Director International of the Business Research Institute, University of Chester, past visiting fellow at Oxford, Peking University and Harvard Universities

The Marco Polo Lecture,
Business Research Institute and China Centre


10.30 am Thursday 14th March,

Room 139, Churchill House,

Queens Park Campus, University of Chester.

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The US-China Trade War has become one of the top news stories in 2018. The trade negotiations are dragging on and impacting on markets and opinion. President Donald Trump initiated the Trade War and continues to turn on and off the media attention mostly through his Presidential Tweets. What is the real purpose of Trump’s Trade War? While he put 25% tariff on $50 billion Chinese exports to the US, he offered $12 billion in agriculture subsidies to farmers for US exports to China. These practices have caused objections from the WTO and most of its members, with little economic benefit to the US. Similarly, Trump has over a $1 trillion budget for domestic infrastructure construction, why did he fight for a $5.7 billion wall budget which caused a government shutdown for 35 days, the longest in the US history, with direct costs of over $10 billion. As a smart businessman and “the best negotiator”, why would Trump do these lose-lose bad deals?


Dr. Henry Sun, is leading international business entrepreneur, Political marketing researcher and visiting Professor and International Director of Business Research Institute, University of Chester, and former visiting fellow at Oxford University, Peking University and Harvard University, points out that Trump is fighting his Media War instead of a Trade War.

Dr. Sun will stimulate a discussion on “Trump’s Trade War and Political Marketing” for the Marco Polo Lectures at the Churchill House, on March 14th 2019.


All interested academics, students and practitioners are most welcome.

Room 139
Churchill House
University of Chester, Queen’s Park Campus
Queen’s Park Road
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