Steven Markham

Doctoral Researcher

Creative IT & AV Support & Development

University of Chester


Steven is part of the LIS team responsible for supporting the IT and Audio Visual facilities at the University of Chester as well as developing websites and online platforms to enable business partner and project communications. He is involved with a number of European projects, including ‘Directing Life Change‘, ‘Breakdown or Breakout‘, ‘Playing For Real‘ and ‘Open The Doors‘. With over 25 years experience of IT and business management, Steven is adept at finding solutions and enhancements for businesses and people.

Beginning work as a member of a design team for a Nuclear Power Station, he undertook various functions, eventually becoming more involved with the world of computing. Transferred to the Torness Power Station site in Dunbar, he lived and worked in Scotland for five years before returning to the North West to work as an Analyst Programmer for a cheque and security stationery printing company in Crewe.

In the following years, Steven has worked in several manufacturing and telecoms companies in technical and managerial roles. He also ran his own retail and wellbeing businesses before being offered a position by a previous employer as a General Manager of one of their subsidiary operations. Following redundancy and not a believer in staying idle, he worked as a Night Porter & Auditor in Hotels before successfully applying for a job with the University of Chester.

Steven is also a PhD student with the BRI and researches the social networks of the Gamification and Serious Games Community on Social Media.  


Steven is the author of ‘Markham’s Brotherhood: the Rosicrucian Manifestos in Modern English‘, a modern translation of the three founding Rosicrucian texts from the Reformation period.

ISBN: 978-1-9160345-0-1

Format: Paperback 264 pages

Publisher: Ferret Books


Markham, S., Harris, P., Wang, D., Zhao, Y.,  Mo, Q., Zihong, Z. (2020). 第十届切斯特论坛 . 中英商务: 马可波罗倡议与 “一带一路”的发展. University of Chester, Business Research Institute.

Markham, S., Harris, P., Wang, D., Zhao, Y.,  Mo, Q., Zihong, Z. (2020). Chester Forum X Edited Proceedings. University of Chester, Business Research Institute.

Markham, S. (2019). Markham’s Brotherhood: the Rosicrucian Manifestos in Modern English. United Kingdom: Ferret Books.

Zhao, Y., Harris, P., Markham, S., Wang, D., Zhu, K., Li, L. (2019). Chester Forum IX Edited Proceedings. University of Chester, Business Research Institute.


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