Sophie Minshull
Departmental Administrator

Sophia Minshull was born, raised and educated in Chester. She started her career with the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Her first position was as an administrator, for the Army, at the old Western Command site, Queens Park, Chester.

Sophia worked for the MOD for 19 years, working with the Army, RAF and RM Commandos. She worked in various theatres in administrative and support roles.

In autumn 2004 Sophia was awarded a Commendation for Meritorious Service. Sophia left the MOD in 2006.

Sophia had many jobs after leaving the MOD including working at the local college, hospital and for two charities. Sophia joined the University of Chester in November 2011 as a clerical assistant in the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Sophia transferred to the Faculty of Health and Social Care where she was the Departmental Administrator for the Acute Adult Care department. She also provided administrative support to the Centre for Research and Innovation for Veteran’s Wellbeing (CRIVW).

Having had a 19 year career with the armed forces Sophia was very keen to get involved with the CRIVW centre. She is extremely conscious of the issues servicemen and women experience in civilian life upon discharge. Being a local girl Sophia is extremely proud that her place of employment, the University of Chester, is developing this resource for veterans in her home town of Chester.