Sen Yang

International Programme Director

Mr. Sen Yang is responsible for developing bespoke international programmes and managing partnerships for the university. Outside of his work for the university, he is a self-made serial entrepreneur and runs businesses including a software development start-up focusing on introducing disruptive technologies into higher education, as well as a consultancy businesses to connect higher educations and other stakeholders between the UK and China. Inspired by his own entrepreneurial journey, Sen is working towards his doctoral degree in the Business Research Institute at the University of Chester. His research topic is to investigate the interplay between immigration entrepreneurship, social context, entrepreneurial capital and entrepreneurial learning. He holds a first degree in Economics and Trade and a Master degree in Management.

Entrepreneurship and Career Development

BSc, MSc

Research Interests 

Immigration Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial capital and Entrepreneurial Learning

Lam, W., Harris, P., & Yang, S. (Forthcoming) Understanding U.K. Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship from An Enterprise Culture Perspective. Journal of Public Affairs.
Sidsaph, H., Harris, P., Yang, S., Zhu, K., Li, L. & Zhao, Y. (2017). Chester Forum VIII Edited Proceedings: UK and China Business: The Marco Polo Initiative and Belt Road Initiative. 10.13140/RG.2.2.16354.63684.

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