My name is Ruyi Wu. I am a junior undergraduate student in Hainan Normal University. I major in dance performance. At present, I am also a member of the literary and Art Committee in my class.


Ruyi Wu: Weekly Journal at BUX004 Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Career Development

Last Saturday in class, we learned three foundation types, and then we did a psychological test. I was surprised that the results of the psychological test were very accurate, both advantages and disadvantages.


What I remember most is that the test result says that I am a very emotional person, but actually I always think I am rational, so I ask my friend, “Am I usually a very emotional person?” Unexpectedly, she said, “Yes, you often feel excited about one thing, laugh at just about anything and are easily touched.” That’s why I think the test results are really accurate.


I suddenly think of a book I heard about not long ago. It’s called Do You Think What You Think You Think. It seems time to add a new book to the list. Sometimes people’s self-awareness is not necessarily accurate, you can properly listen to others to understand and improve yourself.


I hope I can become a better myself as well.

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