Professor José Rojas-Méndez

Professor, International Business;

Director, BIB Program;

Director, Sprott MBA Bogota; Associate Editor, International Management of European Journal of Management and Business Economics

Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, Ottawa.

José I. Rojas-Méndez is a Professor of International Business and Marketing at Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Canada. He received his Ph.D. in Marketing from Manchester Business School, England, and his M.B.A. from University of Ottawa, Canada. His research interests include nation branding, international consumer behavior, cross-cultural issues in business and international marketing. He has published more than 45 academic papers and his work has previously appeared in journals like The Journal of Business Research, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, The Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Vacation Marketing, The Journal of Product and Brand Management, The Journal of Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing, The Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Food Products Marketing, International Journal of Commerce and Management, Journal of Academic Ethics, Corporate Reputation Review, Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, International Journal of Wine Business Research, Asia Pacific Education Review, Latin American Business Review, and The International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior.

Dr. Rojas-Méndez has been distinguished in 2017 with the Research Achievement Award granted by Carleton University to 10 of the most outstanding researchers of the institution.

Dr. Rojas-Méndez has worked as a consultant for companies operating in a wide variety of industries in various countries, including: pension system, supermarkets, banks, construction, automotive, and education. As part of his career, he has carried out research on issues related to national and foreign brands, multiculturality in business, marketing and international consumer behavior.

Dr. Rojas-Méndez has been a visiting professor and has been invited to give lectures in  international business and marketing in more than 30 countries, including China, Germany, France, Austria, Wales, South Korea, Japan, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Canada.

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