Prof Peter Shaw

Research Symposium



We are pleased to announce on
Thursday 3rd October 2019 

2:30 pm-5:00 pm
we will be running a special symposium in
Room CRV314 Riverside Campus, Chester.  


Prof Clive Thomas

This is a special symposium for staff and students within the University to stimulate ideas and advanced critical thinking.

Our speakers are Professor Clive Thomas from the University of Washington State, USA who is a world expert on interest groups, lobbying, pressure groups and how policy is developed in modern American government.  Clive is a distinguished speaker, is published widely and has briefed Governments and organisations across Latin America, USA and Canada.


Clive will be speaking about “Understanding the Business Lobby in the United States”, a consideration of the composition, operation and influence of the business lobby in the United state in Washington, D.C. and the states. This will include an explanation of the common interests and conflicts between large and small business, the political role of the foreign business lobby, as well as some comparisons with the business lobby in other countries.

Our second speaker is Professor Peter Shaw, the eminent coach at Praesta Partners, who will bepresenting “Developing your approach to leadership opportunities: applying the Four Vs of vision, values, value-added and vitality”.  Peter was formerly a Director General in the UK Government and has subsequently coached leaders and teams across six continents.  He is also a graduate of Chester having done his PhD at the Business School and is a Visiting Professor of Leadership Development here.  He advises around the world and has visiting professorships in Europe and North America.


The format will be a presentation by each speaker and a Q&A session afterwards.  This will be especially of interest to staff and doctoral students and those conducting advanced studies.  It is a rare opportunity to meet two world class academics in their field who are vising Chester that day.


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