Peter Starbuck FRICS, FCIOB, FCMI, PhD

Alumni, The Open University

Founding Professor, University Centre Shrewsbury

Visiting Professor, University of Chester as a member of their Business Research Institute, China Centre

Peter Starbuck, an Honorary Member of the Drucker Society Europe was born in Birmingham on 5th February 1936 and lived in the industrial West Midlands, where he qualified as a construction professional.  His career was interrupted as he was conscripted into the Corps of the Royal Engineers as an English National Service Soldier.  After training he was posted to the British Zone of West German between 1959 and 1961 on the border with the Russian Zone during the Cold War.

Returning to civilian life, after a year refocusing his career, he moved to Oswestry on the Welsh Border to manage a building and house building business, which was the start of his continuing entrepreneurial ventures. For relaxation he enjoyed the country pursuits of diving and fishing which has spread to international locations.

At the end of 1974 he was introduced to Peter Drucker’s work and became an immediate convert to his management ideas based on his ethical principles.

The rest is history as he obtained a PhD from The Open University, which is the only one on Drucker deposited with the British Library on him from the British Isles.

He has written six books on Drucker, as his output on him continues.

His other major interest is world travel to observe the natural world in its environment, which is recorded in his book “How Nature Managed First – Your First Book on Management”. It is a participant’s work book introducing newcomers to management by relating patterns in the natural world to the way we manage.  It links to Biomimicry, the practice of using nature’s designs to refine our products to improve performance.

He is married to his Welsh wife, Heather, who have two sons, two daughters, grand and great grandchildren.