University of Chester delegation visit SNNU

On April 12, a delegation headed by Vice Chancellor Tim Wheeler and Business Research Institute Executive Director Phil Harris of the University of Chester. visited Shaanxi Normal University. They were received by SNNU president You Xuqun and vice president Ren Xiaowei at the Administration Building on Chang’an campus.

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Exaggerating the death of cash

Consumers hear a great deal about the projected demise of cash and paper cheques in the new digital payments world. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor, Philip Lowe, has even talked of cash becoming a “niche payment instrument” while banknotes will be “used for relatively few payments”.

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Chester Forum X

Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Academics gathered at the University of Chester’s Churchill House yesterday for the tenth Chester Forum.

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Why bother surcharging?

A decade and a half ago the Reserve Bank of Australia introduced fundamental changes to fees and charges involving payment cards with the aim of lowering charges for merchants and consumers.

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