Lucy Liang

Senior Adviser – China Centre

Senior Advisor – Business Research Institute

Lucy Liang is the Senior Adviser of China Centre at University of Chester and a Lecturer and Senior Advisor at BRI.  Lucy joined the BRI in 2018 when she moved from New Zealand to UK.  Her academic role involves in the three academic discipline areas: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Career Development.  Lucy is the Project Manager of Summer School Programme and the Mentor for visiting students from China.  Lucy is a Board Member/Trustee for Citizens Advice Wirral.  Lucy is a Business Mentor at SPORTED, a non for profit organization to support sports organisations throughout UK.  Lucy has worked as a Business Mentor for Penycae Football Club/Community Hub and Sunderland Community Action Group. 



Lucy has more than 20 years’ experience with the New Zealand government in immigration and ethnic affairs.  Lucy used to manage operations for the Office of Ethnic Communities, part of the NZ Department of Internal Affairs.  Lucy lead work with ethnic communities on business and trade opportunities; government responsiveness to ethnic people’s needs; and social harmony. 


Born in Beijing, China and migrated to New Zealand in 2000, Lucy has completed her Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Auckland.  She is the recipient of 2007 Rid McBride Public Service Management Award which supported her career development within the public sector.  During her study of MBA at the University of Auckland, Lucy was the only student of 75 students who had two A+, which are in the subjects of ‘Manage Business Growth’ and ‘International Projects’.  Her other top academic scores are in the ‘Strategy’, ‘Economics’ and ‘Marketing’. 


Lucy started work with the New Zealand Immigration in Beijing in 1994 and carried various roles from Immigration Manager to Branch Manager to Strategic Project Manager.  She has worked for Department of Internal Affairs since March 2011 as National Operations Manager in the Office of Ethnic Affairs (now called Office of Ethnic Communities) for 5.5 years before her maternity leave.  This background has given her extensive experience in stakeholders’ engagement, strategy setting and a good knowledge of how government agencies works in Commonwealth countries like New Zealand.  Lucy has been invited to be the Guest Speaker at various public events talking about Leadership and Diversity Management. Lucy has worked as a part time CEO for a private education company and started her own business in education and business in UK.  Lucy has successfully delivered a business seminar for a small group of Chinese CEOs in UK including CEO & CFO of Huawei UK on Reputation Management and Branding at the Baroness’ Mansion in May 2018.


Being a board member for various Non-for-profit organisations in New Zealand and UK has involved her in community, volunteering, charity and youth development initiatives.  She is passionate about excellent service delivery and making positive connections for international programmes.  Lucy believes that with hard work and determination, dreams and goals can be achieved in life.


Her spare time interests include nurturing good leadership for young people and for community groups, being a mentor for youth sports clubs and a donor for various charities; and making positive changes for local communities, in addition to being a mother of 2 young children under 5.  Lucy would like to contribute her skills and expertise to the China Center and BRI to enhance the international linkage between UK and China.

Publication & Presentations

  • International Toastmaster Award – Competent Communicator

  • Lucy’s journal on ‘Economics’ sharing her insights based on a case study of Fonterra’s future global development strategy in 2006/2007, later found out to be implemented in practice in 2010

  • The recommendations from the senior strategic project on Centralisation or De-Centralisation as part of Immigration Business Transformation led by Lucy in 2008 were approved by the Cabinet. The actual model and principles were later found out to be implemented in practice 10 years later in 2018

  • Spoke on the stage in front of over 1000 audience, on behalf of the Minister at the 2011 international Rugby Farewell Party at the Domain in Auckland, New Zealand

  • MC at the Chinese New Year reception 2012 inside the Parliament building for Prime Minister, ministers, diplomats, community leaders and officials
  • Article on New Zealand Herald, after being interviewed by a journalist talking about potential areas of interests for the Government

  • Guest speaker at international conferences – Australasian Librarian Conference


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