The University of Chester China Centre is a Business, Education and Entrepreneurial Centre to aid the growth of trade and education between the UK and China. It runs and helps to support a number of major initiatives to foster collaboration, partnerships and programmes between Chinese and UK businesses and universities.

It currently foster linkages with partner universities and programmes. which are located in such major centres  and cities such as Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Guilin, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xiamen and Xi’an, amongst others.


The Centre promotes an understanding of China that fully recognises its role as a global cultural and economic power whilst helping to coordinate and develop Chinese student recruitment, China-related study and research capabilities. It also supports visiting Chinese scholars and conducts an annual survey of UK and Chinese businesses and their export capability and skills needs. It hosts the Annual Marco Polo Initiative Conference, which focuses on global trade and the development of the Belt Road Initiative (New Silk Road). It is also building links with Chinese organisations in education, the cultural and creative sectors, business and government and fostering this across the university.

The Institute contributes to a growing interdisciplinary interest in China among both students and academics at Chester.

We organise the following major staff and student initiatives and programmes:

  • Research Centres – research hub based in China & the UK
  • Summer Programmes – Chinese undergraduate and postgraduate visitors to Chester each summer
  • Visiting Programme for Chinese staff and postgraduates throughout the year
  • Chester students visiting China for study, research and cultural exchange activities
  • Chester staff visiting Chinese universities for teaching & research purposes
  • Advanced Programmes for visiting postgraduate Chinese students throughout the year
  • Specialist Chinese/ UK Business Executive Training Programmes

We foster and support the development of collaborative programmes and research across the university in conjunction with the International Office, Faculties across the university and partner institutions.

We also promote and support two main areas of cultural development:  
  • Supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education, we offer Chinese language and cultural activities, including art exhibitions and theatre performance, with a unique focus on intercultural communication



Professor Wing Lam


Deputy Director, Business Research Institute

Director, China Centre

Tel: (+44) 1244 511904

Fax: (+44)  1244 511300



Sen Yang
International Programme Director, China Centre


Holly Wang from Miss Patina

Holly is the founder of the UK-based fashion brand Miss Patina which is known for its vintage inspired women’s wear with a modern twist. Its cat-inspired lines are the brand’s signature design.

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University of Chester delegation visit SNNU

On April 12, a delegation headed by Vice Chancellor Tim Wheeler and Business Research Institute Executive Director Phil Harris of the University of Chester. visited Shaanxi Normal University. They were received by SNNU president You Xuqun and vice president Ren Xiaowei at the Administration Building on Chang’an campus.

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