Chester Forum X

Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Academics gathered at the University of Chester’s Churchill House yesterday for the tenth Chester Forum.

The 10th Chester Forum and Marco Polo Initiative focused on the economy and entrepreneurship in the UK, the changing political scene and Global Trade.

Participants reflected on developments in the City of Chester and across the wider region being turned from political concept into economic reality and what it means for Cheshire, Warrington and the wider region over the next decade.

Meeting against a backdrop of a changing international trade landscape, the Forum reflected on the less than harmonious trade relations between China and the US, Brexit, Iran’s and Saudi Arabia’s position in the world and growing moves towards protectionism. Issues and trends from Europe and the US were considered with a particular focus on trade with China and the development of linkages ahead of BREXIT and the establishment of the new Silk Road (One Belt: One Road). The Forum also looked at international comparisons and the real employers and drivers of much of the economy – SME’s and Family Business.
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