Chester Forum VIII

The eighth Chester Forum entitled “UK and China Business: The Marco Polo Initiative and Belt Road Initiative (BRI)” was held at Churchill House on the University of Chester’s Queen’s Park Campus on Monday 10th July 2017.

The proceedings were opened by Dr Fran Hulbert, Chairman of Chester Forum and University Business Advisory Council and Professor Phil Harris, Executive Director of the University of Chester’s Business Research Institute.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Chester, Professor Tim Wheeler welcomed the delegates and guests in an opening speech which set the scene for the day ahead. Simultaneous translations were given throughout the day.


Delegates from China and UK received presentations and took part in discussions within four main topics:

Review of the Economy, Politics, International Economy and Partnerships with China

Reflections on Developing Business and Entrepreneurship in China and the UK: Exports, Investment, Tourism Trends and Issues

Developing Business between the UK and China: Open Panel Session to explore potential collaboration and sharing experiences

Open Panel Session to explore potential collaboration and sharing experiences including: Conclusion, Review and Future Agenda for an Export Led and Business Investment Orientated Regional Economy for the 21st Century, Public Sector Development, Investment, Infrastructure and fostering SME's, Family Business and Quality People and Service Delivery, Fostering Collaboration, Cooperation and Harmony

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