Professor Carla Millar

Universiteit Twente · Department of Management and Governance Netherlands, Enschede Professor, International Marketing & Management

Carla Millar has always been an innovator, both in industry: developing and launching new international brand concepts for Unilever, in research: carrying out an N=5000 values study in CEE/EU in 1989, or trying to map the transition of Slovenia with Stane Saksida, and in higher education: e.g. pioneering numerous new modules, and launching the Flexible Masters and APEL for in-company accredited courses.

An international academic with solid business and consultancy experience, she inspires people to exploit opportunities in a structured way, to market themselves, and to be innovative within frameworks; she is seen as an impressive international networker and gives challenging and constructive leadership in marketing strategy and governance issues.

Carla is Professor of International Marketing & Management at the University of Twente (previously also in Groningen) and is a Visiting Professor at ANU, Canberra. Driven by a holistic marketing and stakeholder service ideal she has developed expertise in Masters’ and Executive teaching, in research and consultancy, spanning experience in subjects as diverse as creativity, cross-cultural positioning and communication, international branding and reputation, knowledge and intangibles, services marketing management, corporate governance, ‘women at the top’ in business and academe, public sector, often focusing on international business and emerging markets. She has published in e.g. the Journal of Management Studies, the British Journal of Management, Management International Review, the Journal of Business Ethics, the Journal of Organisational Change Management and the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. Recently she co-authored books on ‘Emergent Globalisation’ (2005) and ‘Knowledge Entanglements’ (2006) and is currently working on ‘Digital Renaissance’.

Carla Millar is a member of the Executive Board of the LNVH, the Dutch Network of Women Professors that strives to end the under-representation of women in higher positions in universities, and a member of the UT Ambassadeursnetwerk, an advisory body to the UT Board actively engaged in this same area.

Carla’s teaching activities have spanned Marketing, International Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication, Services Marketing, Public Sector Marketing; Investor Relations, Corporate Governance, and Creativity & Innovation, both at post graduate and at Executive Education level.ulvinar dapibus leo.

Much of Carla’s research activities centres around knowledge transfer, ethics, cultural differences, corporate governance and intangibles, both in relation to international marketing and advertising and to international business, including in emerging markets and the public sector. Other fields of interest are the role of people in the knowledge economy, and the position of female academics.

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  • ‘Cognitive Barriers to Knowledge Transfer in MNC-NGO Alliances,’(Carla C.J.M. Millar, Andrew Wilson, Chong J.Choi,)

      Proceedings, ICCA Conference ‘Globalization and the Good Corporation’, June

  • ‘Rosbifs & Frogs: Can Cultural Values predict Organisational Behaviour’ (Carla C.J.M. Millar and Graham Winch) Publications 2006

    Proceedings, IACCM Conference ‘Cross Cultural Life of Social Values’, May
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  • Corporate Governance and Institutional Strategic Transparency in Emerging Markets (CCJM Millar, T Eldiomaty, BJ Hilton) Chapter in book Corporate Governance and Globalization (Thomas Clarke and Marie dela Rama eds), Sage Publications, Sept 2006. vol 2 : 163-174

  • ‘The Case of Singapore as a Knowledge-Based City (Caroline YL Wong, Chong J Chong, Carla CJM Millar)

      Chapter 7 in book Knowledge Cities, approaches, experiences and perspectives (FJ Carillo, ed), 


  • ‘The Communitarian model’ (CJ Choi; CCJM Millar; BJ Hilton) Chapter in book Development models, Globalisation and Economies: a Search for the Holy Grail? (J Kidd & F Richter, eds), Palgrave Macmillan Publications 2005

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