Guide for Authors

The working paper series is to encourage publication of the research within the BRI.


The main purpose of the working paper series is to encourage publication of the research within the group. Abstracts will also be included on the BRI website to promote our work. At least one author must be a member of the BRI.

Word Count: Please do not exceed 10,000 words

Title: Please include a title that describes the work and its focus in less than 20 words on a separate title page. Please include a list of authors and the contact details for the BRI author(s) on this page.

Abstract: Please include an extended abstract of up to 300 words which summarises the work on a separate page following the title page.

Style:  All papers must be in the English language and have been checked for typos etc. Abstracts in other languages may be included in addition. All styles of referencing are acceptable but must be consistent throughout the paper and within the reference list. Referencing should be checked to ensure all references cited in the paper are included in the reference list and vice versa. Please use 12 point font and double spacing in the main text. Tables may be of different font size if necessary and in single spacing. Tables may be included within the text or in Appendices. Please divide the article into clearly defined sections each with a clear heading. Please ensure that the reader can understand the contribution the work makes to the existing literature and, if appropriate, to practice. Please note that some journals require that a paper has not been previously published. Authors may then wish to use a different title for their working paper from that they intend to use when submitting to a journal. Normally only the abstract will be formally published by BRI.

Review and Publication of Abstract: The paper must be accepted by an academic member of BRI, i.e. read by them to ensure suitability. The academic should not normally be one of the authors. There is no requirement for a formal review process but authors may need to undertake revisions requested by the BRI academic. Each paper will be assigned a unique number by Sally Williamson who will also be able to provide a cover page for the work. The abstract will be included on the BRI website by Steve Markham together with the contact details of BRI authors.


Gary Davies December 4 2018