Ann Qian



Ann is actively involved in different stages of the team research projects including data collection, data analysis, writing up and dissemination. Her current research interest is Global Digital Business and Entrepreneurship.

She is also part of the project coordination team of faculty’s International Research Programmes, including providing continuous support to visiting students and scholars. Her involvement in the daily running of the projects has enabled her to contribute to strategic management of the Programmes, by reviewing and documenting the processes.

After graduating from Durham University with Master’s Degree (with Distinction) in International Trade and Commercial Law, Ann took on academic research position at International Merger & Acquisition Centre, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, with publications in China on various legal topics.

She then stepped into commercial sector with 8-year extensive experience of Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant to CEO / MDs in SMEs, across London and North West area, before joining the Business Research Institute in October 2019.

Bilingual and bicultural, Ann is experienced in working with Chinese stakeholders and round time zones. She enjoys interacting with people and takes particular interest in contributing to UK-China bilateral cooperation and development especially in the Higher Education sector.


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