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China Centre

The University of Chester China Centre is set up as an arts and education entity

Chester Forum

A series of open linked seminars intended to stimulate critical thinking and informed dialogue on issues relevant to an annual theme.

High Sheriff's Awards

The High Sheriff’s Awards for Enterprise is Cheshire’s premier recognition platform for businesses of all sizes, from the private sector.

Research & Publications

We seek contributions from the business community, research partners and academics who are interested in any of our key research themes.

PhD Students

We are very interested in hearing from quality research students who have a commitment to any of our key research themes or other relevant topics.

Family Business

The BRI supports Family Business Internationalisation through appropriate conferences and symposia, including the Family Business Research network.

Working Papers

The working paper series showcases research being carried out within the BRI and encourage publication of research work.

“The BRI aims to add value to regional businesses by conducting independent and collaborative research projects and also links Chinese & UK business & education.”


Online Publications

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BRI Blog

Are fraudsters really that clever?

Fraud in the payments arena has been with us forever. Artifices such as the debasement of gold coins by adding less precious metals, the printing of counterfeit banknotes, the manufacturing of bogus payment cards, are all examples of deception.

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Holly Wang from Miss Patina

Holly is the founder of the UK-based fashion brand Miss Patina which is known for its vintage inspired women’s wear with a modern twist. Its cat-inspired lines are the brand’s signature design.

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